Sunday, October 18, 2009

Creative Gift Giving

One of my favorite hobbies is shopping for novelty clearance items such as wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, and cards.  I have found a Hallmark store in Sanford that keeps it's 75% off isle updated every week and I recently found Hallmark's Creative and Thoughtful Gift Giving book filled with fun and easy ideas for making gift giving special.  This book sparked a creative flame and I decided to pick one up for my Aunt Jamie who shares my same love of creative gifting.  I love to give when its "Just Because" and when the gift is meaningful to its receiver. When you take the time to customize the tiny details, it makes it extra special. One of my favorite wrapping papers is the natural brown paper bag kind!  It's warm, earthy and it's simply stated and ready to be decorated. Once the paper was chosen, it was time to start the project with designing a special gift tag.  On one side I embossed a golden owl  to represent the Fall season and the on the other side I customized the tag with a "J" for Jamie and the word "Imagination" because all it takes is a little imagination and effort and you can create something unique and my Aunt Jamie has an imagination! Then I adorned the package with some fall leaves and raffia and orange ribbon!  You will see me use orange ribbon a lot due to the simple fact that I love orange but also that it was one of the colors in my wedding and I have an abundance of orange ribbon leftover....  My aunt Jamie received the package last week and sent me the sweetest thank you e-mail and it made my night!


  1. LOVE IT!!!! So beautiful, and I would totally reuse that tag as a bookmark!

  2. Sarah,
    I loved my gift giving book. It has given me so many ideas to try. I can't wait to give a gift to someone so I can get more creative with gift wrapping. I kept the wrapping from my book for inspiration and memories. Thanks so much Sarah and keep up the good work on your blog.

  3. I heart orange too!